CryoPenTM is a cutting-edge treatment that utilizes severe cold, or cryotherapy, to painlessly as well as safely damage unwanted, benign, and surface sores on the skin’s surface, such as verrucas, skin tags, verrucae, milia, cherry angiomas, marks, and also resistant hyperpigmentation.

It has four major benefits over various other treatments;

CryoPen treatment is much faster, with therapy sessions lasting less than two minutes.

There is no requirement for anaesthesia, as well as the procedure is basically painless.

It is one of the market’s least invasive sore therapies.

It is utilized to deal with basically any type of benign skin sore.

CryoPen was developed and established by HO Equipment in Belgium and is dispersed in the UK by Cryosthetics (CryoskinCare Ltd). (In the USA and also Canada, it is called CryoProbe.) It is used for therapies in dermatology, podiatry, medical visual appeals, as well as gynaecology/urology.


The cryotherapy innovation made use of by the SN2O CryoPen is known as cryotherapy– ‘cryo’ suggesting ‘icy cold.’ This entails using a high-pressure jet of nitrous oxide– N2O– (the resource of the cool energy) that is specifically directed at the sore being dealt with.

It is among one of the most efficient sore therapy tools available to cosmetic professionals on the market. The practitioner simply uses cryotherapy by pointing the CryoPen applicator pointer directly at the lesion. In a matter of seconds, the cool jet treats any unusual tissue without interfering with or destructive regular tissue.

The CryoPen gadget can be found in 3 various models: CryoPen B, CryoPen M, and CryoPen X, each with a somewhat different applicator as well as nitrous oxide cartridge ability, yet all attain the same therapy objective.

CryoPen B is an acronym for CryoPen B

The B design includes one applicator go to treating lesions gauging 2 to 6mm in width as well as a 23.5 g cartridge of nitrous oxide gas with a circulation price of 300 secs. There is a B+ upgrade readily available that consists of a longer applicator head (60mm) for dealing with condyloma (genital or anal blemishes).

CyroPen M is an abbreviation for CyroPen M

The M model includes 2 applicator suggestions in addition to an 8g nitrous oxide gas cartridge. CryoPen X is a type of cryopen.

The costs version, the X, permits using four applicators for the targeted therapy of numerous benign lesions ranging in size from 1mm to 20mm (2 cm) or extra, while creating no civilian casualties to the surrounding, healthy and balanced skin. This design likewise has 2 ampoule dimensions for the nitrous oxide gas, relying on the dimension as well as type of lesion being treated, along with the quantity of cryotherapy required for optimum gas performance– the specialist can pick from an 8g or 16g cartridge with a 100 second or 200 second gas circulation, specifically. A X+ upgrade is likewise readily available, that includes two additional, longer applicator heads (60mm and 120mm long) for treating condyloma.


CryoPen treatment is a medical treatment in which laughing gas is expelled under high pressure onto the skin. The gas is very cold, which assists in the cold as well as devastation of any benign lesions.

The pointer of the CryoPen reaches -89 ° C throughout application. The reason for this is to create a thermal shock at the place where the gas is pointed by triggering a rapid decrease in temperature level. The temperature level decline creates the fluid materials of the targeted cells to crystallise, changing them right into ice fragments, leading to the devastation of skin sores as the membrane layer surrounding the cured cells is ruptured and ruined.

The chilly permeates approximately 1mm every 5 seconds of therapy, so a 2mm sore would certainly need 10 seconds of nitrous oxide gas to treat.

During therapy, a frost or ice field might form on top of the lesion. This need to not be a cause for problem since the frost generally vanishes within a couple of seconds. An usual strategy known as freeze-thaw-freeze can be utilized to freeze, then defrost, and after that ice up a frozen sore. The frozen sore is allowed to relax for 30 secs before obtaining a 2nd therapy in which the cells ices up much faster the 2nd time around as well as the sore is more likely to be destroyed.

It is best to leave the location revealed after treatment to quicken the recovery process. However, if there is an opportunity that the sore will be scrubed or intensified by any means, your professional might use a basic clothing or plaster.


The CryoPen device can only be used to deal with a large range of benign skin lesions by fully trained physician and also appeal therapists or aestheticians with an NVQ4 certification or higher.

Some of the lower-specified models of the device might be utilized by aestheticians with NVQ3 certifications to deal with a minimal range of benign sores, such as blemishes, milia, skin tags, verrucae, cherry angiomas, as well as sun/liver places.


CryoPen deals with benign skin lesions on the skin’s surface, a number of which are no longer treatable by medical professionals on the NHS due to their aesthetic nature. A lot more intricate sores ought to be analyzed and also dealt with by an accordingly qualified medical professional, so you ought to consult your GP initially. It can treat a selection of lesions on the face, scalp, as well as body, including:

– Milia – Cherry angioma – Viral verrucae (verrucas) – Solar lentigo (sun spots) – Other pigmentation – Plantar growths – Condyloma (genital or anal blemishes) – Popular mole (moles, birthmarks etc).

– Contagiosum is a medical term that refers to a condition (water growths).

– Hyperplasia is a type of hyperplasia.

Treatment is safe for every person (including children and young adults, although you will certainly require to inspect if the facility is guaranteed to treat minors).


Professional proof shows that the results are long-term after 1 or 2 treatments. If you are prone to such indications, some types of skin lesions might come back in various other areas.


The size of time called for to apply the treatment before seeing outcomes is often established by the size and also nature of the lesion. Nevertheless, for a regular, surface, benign sore, the therapy procedure takes only 2 to 10 secs to finish in a single session. Commonly, outcomes show up within 1 to 6 weeks of treatment.

A follow-up consultation 4 weeks after treatment is normally recommended to analyze the reaction to treatment so that the professional can determine if additional treatments are needed to completely eliminate any kind of continuing to be sores or parts of the sore. For little, simple lesions, one treatment may suffice, and no follow-up is called for.

Nevertheless, if the sore is too persistent as well as does not disappear after the first treatment, a second therapy can be carried out. This 2nd treatment ought to be executed in between 1 and also 4 weeks after the initial.

How long does it take for the CryoPen to recover?

How much time does it take for the body to recover? The treatment isn’t unpleasant, and also the healing process isn’t either. Relying on the size of the therapy location, it typically takes 1-6 weeks. Sores typically come to be darker in colour as the skin underneath them regrows and also jettisons or flakes away.

What should I prevent complying with cryotherapy?

Use scented soap, makeup, or cream on the cured area only after it has entirely healed. This is typically a minimum of 10 days following your treatment. You may experience some hair loss in the cured area.

Is the CryoPen efficient?

Under high pressure, the CryoPen discharges a fine jet of laughing gas, permitting the medical professional to work with millimetre accuracy. This damages the cells by cold the intercellular liquid, resulting in ice shards and also crystals that burst the membrane layer and also kill the cell.

The CryoPenTM has actually been in growth for 13 years and also is one of the most innovative, technically advanced cryosurgery instrument on the market today for the irreversible elimination of:

  • Freckles or dark, hyperpigmented lesions are instances of blemishes.
  • Areas of age/liver
  • Sebhorroeic Growths
  • Milia
  • Growths on the hands and also feet
  • Angioma of the cherry (red sores).
  • Skin tags and verrucas.