Say goodbye to blemishes forever!

Cryotherapy allows for direct, exact and safe removal or blemishes to the skin.

Pigmentation, freckles, warts skin tags and even hard to budge milia can all be removed. 

Safe & Effective

CryoPen therapy has been proven to be extremely safe. Be prepared, however, for the following: Slight discomfort during the procedure – As with most treatments, you will experience some discomfort while the Pen is applied.

Quick TreatmenT time

It can take anywhere from 1 to 30 seconds depending on the size of the tissue. After that, the skin is allowed to thaw and return to its natural colour. Depending on the severity, the process can be repeated on the same area.

expert consultants

The very compact and practical pen is an innovative and cost-effective solution for obtaining the accuracy for the treatment of skin lesions. It has the highest level of safety, requires no maintenance, and has no side effects.


Be Blemish free and flawless

Do you have a stubborn verruca, wart of millia or even a skin tag that you wish you could have removed here is why cryopen is the safest, fastest permeant solution for you. 

Pinpoint accuracy

With pin point accuracy Cryopen allows you to only target the blemish skin, leaving the rest untouched

No Downtime

With no need to sit for hours recovering you could even have a treatment done in your lunch break and then head back to work! totally non invasive and safe.

Safe Practice

Safe enough to use on the eyes, and sensitive skin around the face and mouth - allowing for skin tags, millia and more to be removed forever.